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Have you adopted from HSTC before?  We would LOVE to hear from you!    Please, send us updates on you and your adopted pets to  It makes all of the work we do worth while to know that our once homeless pets are now in their loving, forever homes.

Here are just a few of our happy endings...


We are just sending you this picture to wish you a Merry Christmas from
Michael and Lucy.  We are still doing great!


Hey, this is angel it was taken Dec 4th. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to adopt her she has been an awesome addition to the family.  


I finally got around to taking a few photos of Lady. Look how svelte and happy she is!
We love her so much-Thanks, Jenean


We thought you would like to hear from us as you can see we have enjoyed Andy he is so good. He has become Frances' shadow and only comes to me when Treats are in need. He has his ways...

Here are some of the latest pictures. He does not like the camera at all so it is catch can.-The Besosas


Thank you for everything. I thought I would send you this. She is right at home and has found a new best friend-we have renamed her Mattie.  Thanks, Todd


Just wanted to tell how absolutely sweet and adorable the new kitty is; she slept on my daughters chest and neck all night long and purred the whole time.  The dog loves her and they lay down together...she played happily all day when we came home and took right to her litter box with no problem - she is the sweetest cat I have ever known - thanks for bringing her to us!  Good luck and God bless you in taking care of all the other animals :-)  Joanna


We adore Slink, he has everything he wants and we find he comes with two speeds, full throttle and stop.  It is quite hysterical to watch him skid
across the hardwood after one of many toys.  He quickly learned to navigate 9 feet to the top of the cupboards.  Thankfully, he was coming down on request by the 4th day. He plays with remote control cars.   Dad has to help run the controls.  We let him into the bedroom with us after a week and he gladly sleeps with us all night, sneaking out some time when we are sleeping to finish up his food. He has been a perfect addition to the household.  Thanks to everyone for taking such great care of slink, he is in perfect health and has socialized quite well. -Marie



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